Fill the Void Trailer

Fill the Void Trailer

Be Warned: The trailer does not do the film justice.


Fill the Void

I’ve been fighting with myself about writing this review. I am terrible at consistently writing, but after I saw this movie last night I couldn’t stop thinking about what I would write in my review. But, I didn’t want to write it. Finally, today I just can’t stop myself so here goes. 

Fill the Void is an Israeli film, spoken in Hebrew and subtitled, about an orthodox Jewish community and the possible marriage matches of a young girl Shari. And my God, it’s beautiful. It is truly a film. It plumbs the subtle depths of real emotion. There is no dramatic music or obviously dramatic scenes yet somehow, before I knew it, I was inextricably drawn into the characters’ lives. I found myself spontaneously, compulsively grasping my hands together in my “giddy joy” move usually reserved for book series or longstanding TV show characters with whom I am very familiar. In just an hour and a half though I cared.

A touching and universal story aside, the glimpse into a culture that is so foreign to me was priceless. The music was transporting and evocative and I felt that with every Jewish celebration or custom shown I learned something. 

And of course because I cannot pretend to be anyone other than myself, I must admit that I now have a newfound admiration for hot orthodox jewish men. It’s the beards I think and the silent, respectful affection of Yochay. He’s a strong man that’s not afraid to show emotions. I’m a total sucker. 

This movie made me wish I knew more about their culture and these people. At the end, which I knew was coming, I thought “this would be a great place to end” while simultaneously thinking “please, give me one more scene, just one more second.”

There are scenes that I do not want to forget for their subtle, true beauty. This film made me think on the nature of love and the sometimes ridiculous ideals that we hold onto. Sometimes, real love is respect and affection and the little moments where few words are said that mean so much and plant a thought that can never be forgotten. Image

The Great Gatsby Review

So, I’ve never read the book nor have I seen any earlier adaptations in film form so this is just my opinion on the movie without any bias.
Basically, go see it. Here’s why.

Why I liked it:
I like Leonardo Dicaprio and I think that any fan of his will enjoy this movie. He’s got great range; I was drawn in by his portrayal of Jay Gatsby. His emotion always pulls me in and makes me believe. There is also one scene where I found myself laughing at him. In my mind, he’s not a “funny” actor so that was a nice surprise.

Tobey Maguire. There is something about him that I can’t put my finger on that is either funny or strange or weird. I don’t know, he’s just Tobey Maguire. But I didn’t hate him in this. His character is kind of blah, but the film isn’t really about him and I get the feeling that the book is the same. Actually, I take part of that back. There’s a “getting drunk” scene of his that I particularly enjoyed.

The film was beautiful. The costumes were great, the scenery, the people, even the horrible scenes were made to be beautiful.

The plot – Foreshadowing. Surprise. Death. Betrayal. It made me think and it made me feel.

My problems with it:

The music. God, it was awful. Except for that one song by Lana del Rey – Young and Beautiful. All the rap music (which I’ll admit I enjoy in another context) was just out of place and the select lyrics I picked out undermined the content of the film. I just remember hearing repetitive non-sensical rap phrases overlaying beautiful scenes and meaningful dialogue. It definitely took away from the experience. I felt like the move makers were trying to reach out to “my generation” but it made me feel like I was being treated like a stupid child. Almost as though I wouldn’t appreciate the story without a gimmick. Maybe I’m reading too much into the music choice…

My second problem with it was at the beginning the pace of the movie takes some getting used to. A friend who came with me said that she felt like she was on an acid trip. The shot changed constantly back and forth with different views of the same scene and each new shot was of a character moving really fast. My eyes needed to adjust. I can understand why some people get ADD now.

And finally, if for no other reason, I’ll recommend The Great Gatsby because at no point during the 2.5 hour movie did I check my phone to see if it would be over soon.

Chronicle Film Review: The Grown-Up Matilda?

So, basically it was awesome. Go see it. You don’t need to know anymore than that.
However, I’ll tell you about it anyway.
Last time I saw a movie about telekinesis that was this good was, you guessed it!, Matilda. To be honest, I haven’t seen, like, any others. Regardless, this is the adult version of Matilda. If you’re like me, me being someone who every time they ponder their 3 Genie wishes Telekinesis is the first wish, then you’ll walk out of this movie totally adrenaline-rushed.
The build up and character development before they get their powers is good. It doesn’t feel like the writers just threw together some backstory just to set up some cool action later on. The characters are fun and relatable and normal. The things they do with their powers are what we would all do. I left the theater imagining even more possibilities.

Vampire Diaries 3×15: All My Children

Stefan’s back to being all write-in-my-diary angsty and ignoring Elena’s phone calls. Her second choice of course is Damon. Elena shows up at his house just in time to watch Rebecca take her walk of shame from her sleepover with Damon.
Elena’s having second thoughts about Elijah’s impending death. guilt.
Elijah’s suspicious of Esther and Finn, as he should be. The others seem to be blinded by their mother’s “love”.
Kol is his annoying self.
Esther involves Bonnie and Abby in her witchy plan. It’s going down tonight and involves a celestial event (surprise) and the whole line of dead and living Bennett witches.
The Salvatores are backing off of Elena.
Elijah reminisces about wild horses grazing as he lures Elena to her death. This must be the 20th time now she’s used as bait and threatened with death. She drops the bomb: Esther is going to destroy the abomination she created. She’s going to kill all her Original Vampire children. So, naturally Elijah stomps, creates a hole in the ground and jumps into it with Elena. Check.
Ric’s with the “sexy psycho doctor” (thank you Damon) again. Yeah and Damon’s not the only one who isn’t convinced she is not a serial killer.
Of course Kol and Klaus gate crash their little date wherein Dr. Fell is still prying into Ric’s miraculous recovery from the car accident that happened oh so long ago and the stabbing by the unknown perpetrator. She says vamp, I say Dr. Fell.
Elijah enlists the Salvatores to help him stop Esther with the promise of not having Rebecca kill Elena in return. They’ve got to end the bloodline Esther is drawing her power from. Someone’s gotta die. Not sure who I like less, Abby or Bonnie.
Rebecca’s being all teenage-girl-hurt with Elena in a cave. Elena’s all “I’m sorry I literally stabbed you in the back”.
The boys think they can get to the Original Vamps first and end this without killing any witches. Because they’re all linked, if they dagger one, they all go down. Enter Caroline as Klaus bait. She’s so charmingly mean. However, all he’s got to do is dare her to get to know him and she’s all ears.
The ritual begins. Esther is going to make her children human again. She only has to kill one, the willing Finn, and the rest will follow. Interesting Finn is, believing he is an abomination destined to an eternity of hell.
Ric comes to the rescue with a dagger in the chest of the all too deserving Kol. They all go down, save for Klaus who unfortunately after accusing Caroline of plotting (she was) pulls the dagger out before it even had time to cool. The Salvatores enter right on time. Damon says killing him is not going to stop Esther from killing you, meaning Klaus. Klaus counters with a “what did you say about my mother?” Bit of a twist on the usual “Yo Momma”.
Down in the cave, Rebecca’s getting antsy and gives chase. Fortunately Elena stumbles into the “No Vamps Allowed” cave.
At the sexy doctor’s house, Meredith is taking care of Ric after his run-in with the Originals.
Plan failed and it’s down to the Salvatores again. They’ve got a choice: let things play out with the collateral damage being Elena or stop the bloodline. That’s a no brainer. So which one do they kill, Abby or Bonnie, and which of the brothers is going to do it? Whoever does will be at a loss with Elena, like omg, forever. So, how to make the decision that will effectively kill your wannabe gf’s best friend or her mother and then ruin your possible future with said wannabe gf? Duh! Flip a coin!
Back to the cave where Elena and Rebecca are getting to the nitty gritty. With a can of gas and a playful book of matches. Elena, in her attempt not to die, talks to Rebecca about her feelings and Rebecca’s relationship with her mother. Turns out Rebecca just wants revenge because Elena hurt her witty bitty vampire feelings.
Showdown at the ritual site with Esther, Elijah, Klaus, Kol, Finn and the Bennetts. Mamma Original is showing no mercy.
Stefan ominously lets Bonnie in that he has to end the witch line.  Damon snaps Abby’s neck. The line is broken, the ritual fails. Elena is released unharmed because Abby is no longer a witch, but a vampire! DUN DUN DUN! Bonnie’s not too happy about it though.
Second bomb drop, the real one this time. Stefan lost the coin toss, Damon wasn’t the one who had to kill Abby, but he did it anyway. Why? Because he loves his brother Stefan. If he’d let Stefan kill her, he would’ve gone off the deep end again. (Stefan’s back on the bunny diet and doesn’t need anything else to feel guilty about.) Stefan points out Damon still loves Elena, but Damon says he couldn’t win her fair and square and thinks it’s for the best. He’s better as the bad guy anyway. His words and mine.
Elena gets a letter from Elijah. It’s an apology, kind of love letter. Very sweet. He feels really guilty, not honorable at all.
All the Originals flee save for Rebecca and Klaus. As it turns out, Rebecca’s time stuck outside the cave was not for naught. She caught a glimpse of a hieroglyph on the cave wall of a sapling from the great white oak. There is still a weapon that can kill the Originals.
Ric wakes up in the middle of the night at sexy doctor’s and snoops, as you do. There are confidential-looking files from the stabbings and one of the weapons, a knife. *Gun cocks* “You weren’t supposed to see that” *Gun shot*
Cliff hang er.

Favorite quote of tonight:
“Damon the Vampire Gigolo” Thank you Caroline for that one.

Woman in Black

So, I went to see Woman in Black because I was curious to see Harry Potter in another role, as I’m sure half the rest of the paying public was. Also, my roommates were going.
For the first 10 minutes I was laughing. Daniel Radcliffe is so Harry Potter and the train is the Hogwarts Express and I was sure the portraits on the wall were about to move. Sadly, that would have been more exciting than this movie. I’m a lover of horror movies, and maybe it’s just me (I don’t think so) but ghost movies are probably the least impressive of them all and to pull it off there must be something special. This was not.
Premise: Arthur Kipps (Radcliffe) is a lawyer sent to organize legal papers and such at an isolated house after the death of the inhabitants. The character was thin and stiff. The scares were cheap and predictable: face in a window, doors opening, footprints, sounds coming from an empty room. Daniel Radcliffe was not believable as being old enough to a) be a lawyer, b) have a wife and c) have a four year old son. The build up was way too drawn out, I just wanted to know who the woman in black was and what she wanted.
Underwhelming, really.
And the thing is, I knew it would be. The trailer was not intriguing. If you can’t mash up some good scenes in 30 seconds of more than an hour of movie, there’s a problem. But of course, my morbid curiosity got the best of me. Hollywood: 1 Me: 0 They got me again by casting a famous person.
The only redeeming qualities of this movie are the townspeople who sadly we see too little of. Their unexplainable rudeness and fear of Harry when he arrives to town is great. They really made me interested to know what they were so afraid of. And the children. By far the best part. Two scenes in particular stand out, both involving little village girls and what happens is a bit shocking, especially the eerily calm scene involving the fire.
All in all, I’d say, really don’t bother. And if you really must because you have to see Harry Potter, watch it online, for free. But if you’re the jumpy type, watch with a friend or with the lights on or both. But for god’s sake, don’t see it in theaters. Your wallet is your weapon and you can use it to send a message: stop making shitty movies! We’re not falling for it anymore! Be smarter than I was.
Oh and if you were a fan of the book, it was nothing like it.
Dumb quote of the day: “I think I’ll work overnight” – Arthur Kipps played by Daniel Radcliffe
What an idiot.

Vampire Diaries 3×14 : Dangerous Liaisons

Elena is pretty optimistic considering there’s an entire family of Original Vampires with MammaWitch in the driver’s seat. Elena’s “I can do this” concerning meeting the Original Witch alone just made me think “really? can you?” because the last time you said you could do that you said you’d get stefan back in Chicago and he basically kicked you out of Illinois. So kinda doubting Elena recently.
As for the 5 become 1 spell on the Originals:
I wouldn’t be too bent out of shape over the death of whiny brat Rebecca. And as for Finn (boring) and Cole (soooo into himself), it’s no wonder Klaus killed them and left them there for so long. I’m tempted and I haven’t even been related to them for a millennia or two. But Noooooo! Elijah can’t die. And ok Klaus is evil, but he’s so intriguing. Not sure if I want him to die either. And I love hearing his name “Niklaus”.
Speaking of Klaus it is a very fine line they’re walking with his character having emotions. At times it seems so outlandish, fake and just plain wrong because he’s supposed to be evil. We like our villains evil. But thank god there’s Caroline! She says just what we all were thinking and puts him in his place. She calls him on the bullshit and his glaring daddy issues and deep desire for companionship. Love to see where this goes. She will not make it easy for him, and she shouldn’t. Maybe with a whipped Klaus, we don’t need a dead one.
Sidenote: Finn has got some serious Oedipal issues with MammaWitch. Kinda creepy.
Damon being his old self: You hurt me, I pretend I don’t care and am all hard by killing someone. Funnily enough he’s so love stricken he had to go an kill an Original Vampire because they can’t really die. Elena can’t get mad about that. Kinda surprised he blurted those 3 little words out like that though.
Then of course he runs off to Rebecca. Elena has got to find out about the two of them. She’ll flip I bet. (And seriously girl. Give it up with Stefan. He’s so into his own pain, it’s pathetic.) When Rebecca realizes Damon was just using her, she’ll have reason to hate Elena even more. Expect future scenes that are oddly reminiscent of love triangles on Maury, except where 2/3 of those involved are undead murderers. Bit spicier. And also, Damon, this girl has slept with your brother. Everyone you sleep with has slept with your brother. What gives?
By the time the last scene came around I literally said “No, No, No” out loud to my computer screen because I didn’t want it to end. The more I love the show, the faster the time goes, and the more I want. *sigh*
Until next week. Or the next time I watch the episode again which will probably be before next week.
Quick addendum- When I watched this at 8am Friday morning and I saw Elena enter the ball and then proceed to take both Stefan’s and Damon’s arm, I squealed and clapped with delight.

Vampire Diaries Holes & Ep. 3×13

Today I had a thrilling and somewhat embarrassing in depth conversation/debate on a bus about Vampire Diaries. I love this show obsessively. However, this post is going in a different direction. Like what the hell is going on? *Most definitely spoilers below*

First of all, something I’ve noticed that may not be so recent. In Season 2 there’s a scene where Elena mixes Stefan a drink of Vervain because, as he mentions, he’s trying to build up a tolerance to it like Katherine did. Now, we can only assume he continues to do this throughout the season; it would be too repetitive to show every week. He’s a smart guy and it seemed like a good plan, so Stefan should be immune or at least able to handle doses of Vervain without being incapacitated. However, this is not true. In episode 2×17 when Isobel abducts Elena, Katherine impersonates her and she, Katherine, then injects Stefan with the only thing worth injecting into vampires – Vervain. And down he goes. WHAT NOW? Also in season 3 Elena hits Stefan with one of Alaric’s large and pointy experimental-looking Vervain needles after he goes all bloodlusty. Again – incapacitated. Now obviously this guy must be really forgetful to have neglected maintaining his immunity to the only thing in the world that could slow him down OR, the writers are lax and really needed a way out of some of the situations they created.

Secondly, and I suppose, most pressingly as it pertains to the most recent episode (3×13 “Bringing Out the Dead”) is the question of Tatia, the Petrova Doppleganger blood and what the hell does any of this have to do with both the creation of the Original vampires and the spell cast on Klaus to bind his werewolf side?
This is what we know:
Elijah and Klaus loved Tatia and it tore them, as brothers, apart.
Big Mama Witch didn’t like this at all, so she killed Tatia (as you do) and fed her blood to their entire family turning them into the Original Vampires.
Easy enough. But then, how does her blood, and the subsequent doppleganger blood, have anything to do with the curse put on Klaus? Was his werewolf side ever present or did the Original Witch simply want to ensure it stayed buried? I lean toward the latter generally and I think the facts back me up on this. However, I’m not sure it makes sense. If Klaus was a vampire, he undoubtedly killed someone which would in theory activate the werewolf curse in him making him a hybrid. UNLESS the curse only pertains to the Lockwood line. This might be true as we have not expressly heard that other werewolfs had to kill to be able to turn. Back to the curse, was it cast before or after Klaus was vampified? I haven’t figured it out yet, but I know there’s something off about this. Why is it the doppleganger blood that breaks the curse? The answer that the blood made him a vampire and therefore the same blood can also make him a werewolf is too easy. Something is missing.

Reactions to this week’s episode 3×13:
-Aren’t we all shocked the Original Witch was in the magically sealed coffin? No, we’re not.
-Aren’t we glad Bonnie’s dead-beat mom came back to help? No, we’re not. She’s annoying. But you know apple, tree.
-Damon finally admitted out loud to someone that he loves Elena. And he didn’t compel them to forget afterwards. And it was to Stefan. Yay? Honestly I barely even noticed the milestone because everyone else has been saying it for 3.5 seasons.
-The Original Family is back together. Cannot wait to see their whole drama. There’s bound to be members who aren’t so quick to forgive. Probably the two brothers. And then there’s Rebecca’s whining.
-Elijah is back and I really miss his old hair.

Just some things I had to put out there. Expect weekly recaps/reviews of the episodes to come.